On 04/12/2017 04:12 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
1. The best thing would still be to make genbki.pl do the conversion,
and write numeric OIDs into postgres.bki.  The core stumbling block
here seems to be that for most catalogs, Catalog.pm and genbki.pl
never really break down a DATA line into fields --- and we certainly
have got to do that, if we're going to replace the values of regproc
fields.  The places that do need to do that approximate it like this:

        # To construct fmgroids.h and fmgrtab.c, we need to inspect some
        # of the individual data fields.  Just splitting on whitespace
        # won't work, because some quoted fields might contain internal
        # whitespace.  We handle this by folding them all to a simple
        # "xxx". Fortunately, this script doesn't need to look at any
        # fields that might need quoting, so this simple hack is
        # sufficient.
        $row->{bki_values} =~ s/"[^"]*"/"xxx"/g;
        @{$row}{@attnames} = split /\s+/, $row->{bki_values};

We would need a bullet-proof, non-hack, preferably not too slow way to
split DATA lines into fields properly.  I'm one of the world's worst
Perl programmers, but surely there's a way?

2. Alternatively, we could teach bootstrap mode to build a hashtable
mapping proname to OID while it reads pg_proc data from postgres.bki,
and then make regprocin's bootstrap path consult the hashtable instead
of looking directly at the pg_proc file.  That I'm quite sure is do-able,
but it seems like it's leaving money on the table compared to doing
the transformation earlier.


Looked at this an option 1 seems simple enough if I am not missing something. I might hack something up later tonight. Either way I think this improvement can be done separately from the proposed replacement of the catalog header files. Trying to fix everything at once often leads to nothing being fixed at all.


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