Tomas Vondra wrote:
> On 04/10/2017 12:12 PM, David Rowley wrote:
> > During my review and time spent working on the functional dependencies
> > part of extended statistics I wondered what was the use for the
> > pg_stats_ext view. I was unsure why the length of the serialised
> > dependencies was useful.
> > 
> > Perhaps we could improve the view, but I'm not all that sure what
> > value it would add. Maybe we need to discuss this, but in the
> > meantime, I've attached a patch which just removes the view completely
> Yeah, let's get rid of the view. It was quite useful before introducing the
> custom data types (and implicit casts to text), because pg_statistic_ext
> would simply return the whole bytea value. But since then the view kinda
> lost the purpose and no one really noticed.

Thanks, pushed.

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