On 4/10/17 06:18, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:
> This isn't exactly about this particular thread. But I noticed, that
> after we introduced RELKIND_PARTITIONED_TABLE, we required to change a
> number of conditions to include this relkind. We missed some places in
> initial commits and fixed those later. I am wondering whether we
> should creates macros clubbing relevant relkinds together based on the
> purpose of the tests e.g. IS_RELKIND_HAS_STORAGE(). When a new relkind
> is added, one can examine these macros to check whether the new
> relkind fits in the given macro. If all those macros are placed
> together, there is a high chance that we will not miss any place in
> the initial commit itself.

I think this is worth a try.

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