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>> Where shall I mention BRIN in that chapter?
> Maybe just append a new <sect2> right below where <sect2
> id="ddl-partitioning-constraint-exclusion"> ends?
> I had included both BRIN and UNION ALL views under a sub-section titled
> "Alternative Methods" in my original patch (March 3rd one), but removed
> the whole sub-section per review comments.  Perhaps, my patch didn't do a
> good enough job of describing either BRIN or UNION ALL views, that it
> ended up being not convincing enough to be made part of the section.
> By the way, will you also be adding details on UNION ALL views (I remember
> you said you would along with BRIN)?  Actually, my patch copied verbatim
> what older docs had about them that you said is too short a description.

It makes sense to describe all similar techniques in one section of the docs.

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