On 21 April 2017 at 22:30, Tels <nospam-pg-ab...@bloodgate.com> wrote:
> I'd rather see:
>  CREATE STATISTICS stats_name ON table(col);
> as this both mirrors CREATE INDEX and foreign keys with REFERENCES. It
> could also be extended to both more columns, expressions or other tables
> like so:
>  CREATE STATISTICS stats ON t1(col1, col2 / 2), t2 (a,b);
> and even:
>  CREATE STATISTICS stats ON t1(col1, col2 / 2), t2 (a,b) WITH (options)
> WHERE t2.a > 4;

How would you express a join condition with that syntax?

> This looks easy to remember, since it compares to:
>  CREATE INDEX idx_name ON t2(a,b) WITH (options) WHERE t2.a > 4;
> Or am I'm missing something?

Sadly yes, you are, and it's not the first time.

I seem to remember mentioning this to you already in [1].

Please, can you read over [2], it mentions exactly what you're
proposing and why it's not any good.


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