Stephen Frost wrote:

> > Here I add one, which seems to work for me.

Pushed it -- I also added another one which specifies options, to test
WITH handling in ruleutils.

> > Considering that Stephen missed a terminating semicolon for test with
> > create_order 96 (the last one prior to my commit) in commit
> > 31a8b77a9244, I propose that we change whatever is concatenating those
> > strings append a terminating semicolon.  (Surely we don't care about two
> > tests stanzas writing a single SQL command by omitting the semicolon
> > terminator.)
> Whoops, sorry about that.  Yes, we could pretty easily add that.  The
> create SQL is built up at the bottom of
> $create_sql .= $tests{$test}->{create_sql};

Okay, I added it.

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