On 2017-04-24 23:45:06 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> writes:
> > On 2017-04-24 23:37:42 -0400, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> >> I remember seeing those and those are normally details I do not put in
> >> the release notes as there isn't a clear user experience change except
> >> "Postgres is faster".  Yeah, a bummer, and I can change my filter, but
> >> it would require discussion.
> > I think "postgres is faster" is one of the bigger user demands, so I
> > don't think that policy makes much sense.  A large number of the changes
> > over the next few releases will focus solely on that.  Nor do I think
> > past release notes particularly filtered such changes out.
> I think it has been pretty common to accumulate a lot of such changes
> into generic entries like, say, "speedups for hash joins".  More detail
> than that simply isn't useful to end users; and as a rule, our release
> notes are too long anyway.

Oh, I completely agree with accumulating related changes, and that
code-level details aren't useful.  I think we skipped them entirely
here.  And I just listed my own changes because I could find them
quickly, but they're not alone, e.g:
090010f2ec9b1f9ac1124dc628b89586f911b641 - Improve performance of 
which makes it realistic to have sessions touching many relations, which
previously was O(#relations^2), and which caused repeated complaints
over the years, and allows for different usecases.

- Andres

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