> (FWIW, on this list we don't do top-quotes)

I know. Forgot and just did "reply all". My bad.

It's not always that simple, at least in postgres, unless you disregard
> search_path.  Consider e.g. cases like
> CREATE TABLE a.foobar(somecol int);
> SET search_patch = 'b,a';
> SELECT * FROM foobar;
> CREATE TABLE b.foobar(anothercol int);
> SELECT * FROM foobar; -- may not be cached plan from before!
> it sounds - my memory of DB2 is very faint, and I never used it much -
> like similar issues could arise in DB2 too?

DB2 does handle this case. Unfortunately I don't know the details of how it
worked though.

A naive option would be to invalidate anything that depends on table or
view *.FOOBAR. You could probably make it a bit smarter by also requiring
that schema A appear in the path.

- Doug

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