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> > > The idea of changing the default value seems good to me but I'm not
> sure
> > > it's good idea to change the default value now under the circumstances
> where
> > > we're focus on stabilization.
> > > Also we should update the document as well.
> > >
> >
> > We can consider like this: the OP found a usability problem as a result
> of PG 10 development, so we will fix it as a stabilization work.
> We did work in Postgres 10 to make replication simpler with better
> defaults.  This would be part of that improvement.

+1. I definitely think we should do it, and 10 would be the time to do it.

The failure scenario is that a standby node will no longer work by default
*if* you have changed the master to minimal. But unless you have explicitly
dropped that one, it would work.

So I definitely think we should change that.

I wonder if we should also consider changing the standby error message to
be a WARNING instead of an ERROR. So that if you try to start up a standby
with hot_standby=on but master with wal_level=replica it would turn into a
cold standby.

We should change the default independently of that, I think, but it might
make sense to do both.

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