> I'm suggesting we take the approach that if there is a problem we can
> recreate it as a way of exploring what conditions are required and
> therefore work out the impact. Nikhil Sontakke appears to have
> re-created something, but not quite what I had expected. I think he
> will post here tomorrow with an update for us to discuss.

So, I reverted commit 0874d4f3e183757ba15a4b3f3bf563e0393dd9c2 to go back
to the earlier bad swapped arguments to SubTransSetParent resulting in
incorrect parent linkages and used the attached TAP test patch.

The test prepares a 2PC with more than 64 subtransactions. It then stops
the master and promotes the standby.

A SELECT query on the newly promoted master on any of the tables involved
in the 2PC hangs. The hang is due to a loop in
SubTransGetTopmostTransaction(). Due to incorrect linkages, we get a
circular reference in parentxid <-> subxid inducing the infinite loop.

Any further DML on these objects which will need to check visibility of
these tuples hangs as well. All unrelated objects and new transactions are

I do not see any data loss, which is good. However tables involved in the
2PC are inaccessible till after a hard restart.

The attached TAP test patch can be considered for commit to test handling
2PC with large subtransactions on promoted standby instances.

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