Hello Bruce,

I have committed the first draft of the Postgres 10 release notes.  They
are current as of two days ago, and I will keep them current.  Please
give me any feedback you have.


  Fix psql \p to always print what would be executed by \g or \w (Daniel

  Previously \p didn't properly print the reverted-to command after a
  buffer contents reset. CLARIFY?

The fix is linked to the change introduced by Tom when refactoring/cleaning up in e984ef586 (\if) which change psql's \p behavior.

This is not a user visible change version-to-version, it is more like a bug fix for a bug/behavioral change introduced within pg10 developement process itself.

I'm not sure how this should appear in the release notes. Maybe not at all, associated to the feature in which the behavioral change was introduced...

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