On Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 03:04:57PM +0200, Daniel Verite wrote:
>       Fabien COELHO wrote:
> >    Fix psql \p to always print what would be executed by \g or \w (Daniel
> >    Vérité)
> > 
> >    Previously \p didn't properly print the reverted-to command after a
> >    buffer contents reset. CLARIFY?
> > 
> > The fix is linked to the change introduced by Tom when 
> > refactoring/cleaning up in e984ef586 (\if) which change psql's \p 
> > behavior.
> That's my recollection as well. The "Previously" does not refer to 9.6,
> but to that commit.

Yes, adjusted.

> > I'm not sure how this should appear in the release notes. Maybe not at 
> > all, associated to the feature in which the behavioral change was 
> > introduced...
> There is small change of behavior coming as a by-product of the
> introduction of  /if.../endif blocks.
> When doing in 9.x:
> select '1st buffer' \g
> followed by \e
> and editing with select '2nd buffer' (without ending the query)
> and then back in psql doing '\r' and '\p', the result is
> select '2nd buffer'
> The same with v10 leads instead to
> select '1st buffer'
> I'm not sure whether it's above the level of detail worth being mentioned
> in the release notes.

Wow, I am not sure how to even explain that.  ;-)  Let's see if we get
any user feedback on the change.

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