Andres Freund <> writes:
> On 2017-04-27 16:35:29 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
>> It looks like it might be sufficient to do "#ifdef EPOLL_CLOEXEC"
>> in latch.c, rather than bothering with a full-blown configure check.

> Yea, that sounds worth trying.  Wonder if we need to care about kernels
> not supporting it, but glibc having support?  I'd be ok skimping on that
> for now.

On my RHEL6 box, <sys/epoll.h> is provided by glibc not the kernel:

$ rpm -qf /usr/include/sys/epoll.h

So I think it's probably safe to assume that the header is in sync
with what glibc can do.

As for kernel (much) older than glibc, I'd rather expect glibc to paper
over that, though I've not looked at the source code to be sure.

                        regards, tom lane

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