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> But, I still think we need to restart the tracking after new
> xl_running_xacts. Reason for that is afaics any of the catalog snapshots
> that we assigned to transactions at the end of SnapBuildCommitTxn might
> be corrupted otherwise as they were built before we knew one of the
> supposedly running txes was actually already committed and that
> transaction might have done catalog changes.

Due to the race where LogStandbySnapshot() collects running-xacts info
while a concurrent xact commits, such that the xl_xact_commit appears
before the xl_running_xacts, but the xl_running_xacts still has the
commited xact listed as running, right? Because we update PGXACT only
after we write the commit to WAL, so there's a window where an xact is
committed in WAL but not shown as committed in shmem.

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