On 2017-05-01 03:54:49 +0200, Petr Jelinek wrote:
> I agree with adding running, I think that's good thing even for the per
> transaction tracking and snapshot exports - we could use the newly added
> field to get rid of the issue we have with 'snapshot too large' when
> there were many aborted transactions while we waited for running ones to
> finish.

I'm not sure of that - what I was proposing would only track this for
the ->running substructure.  How'd that help?

> But, I still think we need to restart the tracking after new
> xl_running_xacts. Reason for that is afaics any of the catalog snapshots
> that we assigned to transactions at the end of SnapBuildCommitTxn might
> be corrupted otherwise as they were built before we knew one of the
> supposedly running txes was actually already committed and that
> transaction might have done catalog changes.

I'm afraid you're right.  But I think this is even more complicated: The
argument in your version that this can only happen once, seems to also
be holey: Just imagine a pg_usleep(3000 * 1000000) right before
ProcArrayEndTransaction() and enjoy the picture.

Wonder if we should just (re-)add a stage between SNAPBUILD_START and
first xl_running_xacts, wait for all transactions to end with my
approach, while populating SnapBuild->committed, only then start
collecting changes for transactions (i.e. return true from
SnapBuildProcessChange()), return true once all xacts have finished
again.  That'd presumably be a bit easier to understand, more robust -
and slower.

- Andres

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