The thread below 
describes an issue in logical decoding that arises because
xl_running_xacts' contents aren't necessarily coherent with the contents
of the WAL, because RecordTransactionCommit() / RecordTransactionAbort()
don't have any interlock against the procarray.  That means
xl_running_xacts can contain transactions assumed to be running, that
already have their commit/abort records WAL logged.

I think that's not just problematic in logical decoding, but also
Hot-Standby.  Consider the following:

ProcArrayApplyRecoveryInfo() gets an xl_running_xacts record that's not
suboverflowed, and thus will change to STANDBY_SNAPSHOT_READY.  In that
case it'll populate the KnownAssignedXids machinery using

Once STANDBY_SNAPSHOT_READY, CheckRecoveryConsistency() will signal
postmaster to allow connections.

For HS, a snapshot will be built by GetSnapshotData() using
KnownAssignedXidsGetAndSetXmin().  That in turn uses the transactions
currently known to be running, to populate the snapshot.

Now, if transactions have committed before (in the "earlier LSN" sense)
the xl_running_xacts record, ExpireTreeKnownAssignedTransactionIds() in
xact_redo_commit() will already have run.  Which means we'll assume
already committed transactions are still running.  In other words, the
snapshot is corrupted.

Luckily this'll self-correct over time, fixed by

Am I missing something that protects against the above scenario?


Andres Freund

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