On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 6:35 PM, zosrothko <zosrot...@orange.fr> wrote:
> Hi
> I made an extension of VisualStudio that precompiles automaticaly C or
> C++ source with PostgreSQL Embedded SQL. The extension is made of the 3
> files joined and I have no idea where they should be placed in the
> PostgreSQL source tree.
> Anybody interested in pushing this extension?

The PostgreSQL uses a set of scripts in src/tools/msvc/ to generate
things compiled with visual studio, so instinctively you would be
looking at working on that. Honestly, just by looking at the files you
are proposing, it is hard to make an idea of why this would be useful
for ECPG, and please note as well that there are guidelines for
submitting patches:

The source code of ecpg is located in src/interfaces/ecpg by the way.
If you are interested to work on it, that's the place where to look at

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