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> Yeah, the idea that this won't cause possibly significant pain is quite
> wrong. Quite by accident I came across an example just this morning where
> rewriting as a CTE makes a big improvement.
> I wrote this query:
>     select (json_populate_record(null::mytype, myjson)).*
>     from mytable;
> It turned out that this was an order of magnitude faster:
>     with r as
>     (
>        select json_populate_record(null::mytype, myjson) as x
>        from mytable
>     )
>     select (x).*
>     from r;

​Except I suspect we at least have a chance to detect the above and not
de-optimize it by evaluating "json_populate_record" once for every column
in mytype.

The now idiomatic solution​ to the above is to use LATERAL so the above CTE
is no longer actually a required workaround.

David J.

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