Hello Pavel,

A complement to my previous comments:

Also, maybe it would be better if the statement is cleaned up server side at the end of the execution. Not sure how to achieve that, though, libpq seems to lack the relevant function:-(

 """although there is no libpq function for deleting a prepared
 statement, the SQL DEALLOCATE statement can be used for that purpose."""

Hmmm... I have not found how to use DEALLOCATE to cleanup an unnamed statement, it does not allow a "zero-length" name. Maybe it could be extended somehow, or a function could be provided for the purpose, eg
by passing a NULL query to PQprepare...

After giving it some thoughts, I see three possible solutions:

0. Do nothing about it.
   I would prefer the prepare is cleaned up.

1. assign a special name, eg "_psql_gdesc_", so that
   DEALLOCATE "_psql_gdesc_" can be issued afterwards.

2. allow executing DEALLOCATE "";

3. add the missing PQdeallocate function to libpq?

Version 2 is server side, so it would not be compatible when connected to server running previous versions. Not desirable.

Version 3 may have implication at the protocol level and server side, if so it does not seem desirable to introduce such a change.

So maybe only version 1 is possible.


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