Hello Alvaro,

Here is a v3, with less files. I cannot say I find it better, but it still works.

The "command_likes" function has been renamed "command_checks".

Do parts of this need to be backpatched?

I would not bother too much about backpatching.

I notice that you're patching pgbench.c, probably to fix some bug(s);

The bug fix part is about small issues that I noticed while writing extensive tests. Probably nobody would have noticed otherwise for some time.

is the idea that we would backpatch all the new tests on whatever old branches need the bugfixes too? If so, how far back do the fixes need to go?

I'd say 9.6. There has been quite some changes and significant restructuring on pgbench wrt to prior versions.

ISTM TestLib::command_checks() needs a comment explaining what it does.
Its API seems pretty opaque.

Ok. That I can do. I'm wondering about Windows portability that I cannot check.


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