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> > So this should be fixed in both expr_scanner_get_substring cases, and keep
> > last symbol only if it is not "\n".
> Indeed, this is a mess. The code assumes all stuff is a line ending with
> '\n', but this is not always the case.
> Here is a v7 which chomps the final newline only if there is one.

Sorry, but I still have problems with new solution...

First is function name. "expr_scanner_get_line" does not deal with any line at 
all... it gets substring and "chomps" it.

As for me, I would do expr_scanner_chomp_substring(PsqlScanState, int, int&);
that changes end_offset as desired... And use it instead of end_offset = 
expr_scanner_offset(sstate) - 1;

The second issue: you are removing all trailing \n and \r. I think you should 
remove only one \n at the end of the string, and one \r before \n if there was 
I do not think there will be any practical difference between my and yours 
solutions here, but mine is more neat, I think... I do not have enough 
imagination to think about if "\n\r\r\r\r\r\n" case can happen, and what will 
happen of we remove them all... So I suggest to remove only the last one.

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