On 10/05/17 15:27, tushar wrote:
> Hi,
> Please refer this scenario -where 'nocopy data' option is set in
> SUBSCRIPTION but still data is getting migrated
> Publication - (X)
> create table t(n int);
> insert into t values (generate_series(1,99));
> create publication pub for table  t;
> Subscription (Y)
> create table t(n int);
> CREATE SUBSCRIPTION sub CONNECTION 'dbname=postgres host=localhost
> port=5000 user=centos password=a' PUBLICATION pub WITH (copy
> select count(*) from t;  ->showing 99 rows
> alter subscription sub refresh publication with (nocopy data);
> restart the server (Y)
> X - insert more records into table 't'
> Y - check the row count , rows have been migrated from X .
> Is it the right behavior in this case where nocopy data option is set ?

Yes, (no)copy data only affects existing data at the time of running the
command, any additional data are always replicated.

The "alter subscription sub refresh publication" does nothing unless you
added/removed tables to/from publication.

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