On 05/11/2017 06:21 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
Heikki Linnakangas <hlinn...@iki.fi> writes:
Eval_const_expressions() doesn't know about ScalarArrayOpExpr.
That seems like an oversight. I guess that scenario doesn't happen very
often in practice, but there's no reason not to do it when it does.
Patch attached.

Yeah, I think it's a lack-of-round-tuits situation.  Your patch reminds
me of a more ambitious attempt I made awhile back to reduce the amount
of duplicative boilerplate in eval_const_expressions.  I think I wrote
it during last year's beta period, stashed it because I didn't feel like
arguing for applying it right then, and then forgot about it.

Hmph, now we're almost in beta period again. :-(.

Blowing the dust off, it's attached. It fixes ArrayRef and RowExpr as
well as ScalarArrayOpExpr, with a net growth of only 20 lines
(largely comments).


On a side-note, I find it a bit awkward that ScalarArrayOpExpr uses a
2-element List to hold the scalar and array arguments. Wouldn't it be
much more straightforward to have explicit "Expr *scalararg" and "Expr
*arrayarg" fields?

I think it's modeled on OpExpr, which also uses a list though you could
argue for separate leftarg and rightarg fields instead.

Yeah, I think that would be better for OpExpr, too. (For an unary operator, rightarg would be unused.)

- Heikki

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