I found a problem with libpq connection failover.  When libpq cannot connect to 
earlier hosts in the host list, it doesn't try to connect to other hosts.  For 
example, when you specify a wrong port that some non-postgres program is using, 
or some non-postgres program is using PG's port unexpectedly, you get an error 
like this:

$ psql -h localhost -p 23
psql: received invalid response to SSL negotiation: 
$ psql -h localhost -p 23 -d "sslmode=disable"
psql: expected authentication request from server, but received 

Likewise, when the first host has already reached max_connections, libpq 
doesn't attempt the connection aginst later hosts.

The attached patch fixes this.  I'll add this item in the PostgreSQL 10 Open 

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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