Sairam Gaddam <> writes:
> During startup (_PG_init), I need to access some meta info of
> table/relation (like PK Column Position, FK Column Positions, Index Column
> Positions etc...) and load it into memory.

Why not fetch that info at first use, instead?

If you insist on doing it at _PG_init, you'll never be able to make the
extension work as a shared_preload_libraries item, where _PG_init
would be run in the postmaster.  (I think local_preload_libraries would
be problematic too; not sure that you're inside a transaction there.)
You won't be able to retry after an error, or more generally to cope with
post-load-time changes in the data you want to cache.

It's probably possible to make it work as long as the library gets loaded
during a transaction, ie in response to some SQL command.  Without seeing
your code we can't guess why its crashing though.

                        regards, tom lane

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