On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 10:38 PM, Amit Langote
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> So, adding keycol IS NOT NULL (like we currently do for expressions) in
> the implicit partition constraint would be more future-proof than
> generating an actual catalogued NOT NULL constraint on the keycol?  I now
> tend to think it would be better.  Directly inserting into a range
> partition with a NULL value for a column currently generates a "null value
> in column \"%s\" violates not-null constraint" instead of perhaps more
> relevant "new row for relation \"%s\" violates partition constraint".
> That said, we *do* document the fact that a NOT NULL constraint is added
> on range key columns, but we might as well document instead that we don't
> currently support routing tuples with NULL values in the partition key
> through a range-partitioned table and so NULL values cause error.
> Can we still decide to do that instead?

I suggest you start a new thread on that topic.

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