On 5/12/17 14:23, Robert Haas wrote:
> One alternative would be to change the way that we dump and restore
> the data.  Instead of dumping the data with the individual partitions,
> dump it all out for the parent and let tuple routing sort it out at
> restore time.

I think this could be a pg_dump option.  One way it dumps out the
partitions, and another way it recomputes the partitions.  I think that
could be well within pg_dump's mandate.

(cough ... logical replication ... cough)

> Of course, this isn't very satisfying because now
> dump-and-restore hasn't really preserved the state of the database;

That depends no whether you consider the partitions to be a user-visible
or an internal detail.  The current approach is sort of in the middle,
so it makes sense to allow the user to interpret it either way depending
on need.

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