On 2017-05-12 21:56:30 -0400, Robert Haas wrote:
> Cheap isn't free, though.  It's got a double-digit percentage overhead
> rather than a large-multiple-of-the-runtime overhead as triggers do,
> but people still won't want to pay it unnecessarily, I think.

That should be partiall addressable with reasonable amounts of
engineering though.  Efficiently computing the target partition in a
hash-partitioned table can be implemented very efficiently, and adding
infrastructure for multiple bulk insert targets in copy should be quite
doable as well. It's also work that's generally useful, not just for

The bigger issue to me here wrt pg_dump is that partitions can restored
in parallel, but that'd probably not work as well if dumped
separately. Unless we'd do the re-routing on load, rather than when
dumping - which'd also increase cache locality, by most of the time
(same architecture/encoding/etc) having one backend insert into the same


Andres Freund

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