On 5/3/17 15:14, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Can someone please explain to me why we have this in Makefile.global.in?
> (from commit e9c81b60 )
> ISTM it's unnecessary, and prevents us from using the same named value
> in the environment. I want to be able to use the environment in
> vcregress.pl, and I'd like the Make files to work the same way.

I think relying on environment variables like this is a bad design.
Someone could have something left in the environment and it changes
things in mysterious ways.  For all other *FLAGS variables, we
explicitly set them in Makefile.global, sometimes to empty values, as
the case may be.

Note that specifying a variable on the make command line overrides
settings in the makefile under certain circumstances, which is a useful

So I think the above setting was correct, the new behavior is
inconsistent and incorrect, and I think this change should be reverted.

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