On 05/16/2017 07:44 PM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> On 5/3/17 15:14, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>> Can someone please explain to me why we have this in Makefile.global.in?
>> (from commit e9c81b60 )
>>     PROVE_FLAGS =
>> ISTM it's unnecessary, and prevents us from using the same named value
>> in the environment. I want to be able to use the environment in
>> vcregress.pl, and I'd like the Make files to work the same way.
> I think relying on environment variables like this is a bad design.
> Someone could have something left in the environment and it changes
> things in mysterious ways.  For all other *FLAGS variables, we
> explicitly set them in Makefile.global, sometimes to empty values, as
> the case may be.
> Note that specifying a variable on the make command line overrides
> settings in the makefile under certain circumstances, which is a useful
> feature.
> So I think the above setting was correct, the new behavior is
> inconsistent and incorrect, and I think this change should be reverted.

It would have been nice if you'd spoken up when the topic was raised.

This doesn't rely on the environment variable, it just enables it. You
can still say "make PROVE_FLAGS=--whatever" and it will override the

Inheriting variables from the environment is a part of make by design.
We have PG_PROVE_FLAGS for our own forced settings.

Note that the previous setting was done without any thought being given
to how this works with vcregress.pl. I have been trying to make the two
systems more consistent. This was a part of that effort.



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