Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> On 5/16/17 18:14, wrote:
>> Tag refs/tags/REL_10_BETA1 was created.

> Was this change in naming pattern intentional?

Yes, it was.  Andrew Dunstan suggested[1] during the
two-part-version-number discussion that we should start including a "_"
after REL in tag and branch names for v10 and later, so that those names
would sort correctly compared to the tag/branch names for earlier branches
(at least when using C locale).  I believe his main concern was some logic
in the buildfarm, but it seems like a good idea in general.

When we get to v100, we'll need some other hack to make it work ...
but I plan to be safely dead by then.

BTW, I now remember having wondered[2] if we should make any other changes
in version-number formatting while we're at it, like maybe "10beta1"
should be "10.beta1".  It's a bit late to have remembered it for beta1,
but is anyone hot to change anything else about these labels?

                        regards, tom lane


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