On 5/12/17 00:30, Masahiko Sawada wrote:
> I got same log messages 'starting logical replication worker for
> subscription' total 5 times but actually 4 of them mean to launch
> table sync worker and another one means apply worker. We cannot
> distinguish them. Also, I got same log messages 'logical replication
> synchronization worker finished processing' total 4 times but I think
> it's better to show the table name in finish log message as well. Any
> thoughts?

Yeah, that's quite a lot of messages for normal operation.  I've been
playing around with it a little bit and came up with the attached patch
that produced a slightly reduced log volume and more consistent messages.

I think we don't need a message from the launcher that it will launch a
worker and then the worker also reporting that it started, so I
downgraded the former to DEBUG1.  A more radical solution would be to
downgrade all these messages to DEBUG1.

We want to avoid showing OIDs in user-facing messages, but it's not
always easy to look up the names.  See the patch for one solution.

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