On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 3:19 PM, Michael Paquier
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> On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 2:59 PM, Masahiko Sawada <sawada.m...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> It seems to me that it's not good idea to forcibly set ANALYZE in
>> spite of  ANALYZE option is not specified. One reason is that it would
>> make us difficult to grep it from such as server log. I think It's
>> better to use the same vacuum option to the all listed relations.
> Even now, if you use VACUUM without listing ANALYZE directly, with
> relation listing a set of columns, then ANALYZE is implied.

Oh.. I'd missed that behavior. Thanks!

>  I agree
> with your point that the same options should be used for all the
> relations, and it seems to me that if at least one relation listed has
> a column list, then ANALYZE should be implied for all relations.



Masahiko Sawada
NTT Open Source Software Center

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