From: Michael Paquier []
>                     if (!PQsendQuery(conn,
>-                                     "show transaction_read_only"))
>+                                     "SHOW transaction_read_only"))
>Or perhaps the replication command parser could be made more flexible with 
>lower-case characters for replication commands?
By adding flex option '-i', replication command parser could be more flexible. 

# repl_scanner is compiled as part of repl_gram
 repl_gram.o: repl_scanner.c
+repl_scanner.c: FLEXFLAGS = -CF -p -i

This option is already used for syncrep_scanner.c, so it is not strange to add 
for repl_scanner.c too. 
Attached patch also fixes this problem. 

Daisuke, Higuchi 

Attachment: flexible_replication_command_parser_v1.patch
Description: flexible_replication_command_parser_v1.patch

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