On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 3:16 AM, Tsunakawa, Takayuki
<tsunakawa.ta...@jp.fujitsu.com> wrote:
> I confirmed that the attached patch successfully provides:
> * target_session_attrs=read-only
> * If the server is >= 10, avoid the round-trip for SHOW transaction_read_only.
> For this, I added a GUC_REPORT variable session_read_only which indicates the 
> session's default read-only status.  The characteristics are:
> * It cannot be changed directly by the user (postgresql.conf, SET, etc.)
> * Its value is the same as default_transaction_read_only when not in recovery.
> * Its value is false during recovery.
> Could you include this in PG 10?  I think these are necessary as the bottom 
> line to meet the average expectation of users (please don't ask me what's the 
> average; the main reasons are that PostgreSQL provides hot standby, PgJDBC 
> enables connection to the standby (targetServerType=slave), and PostgreSQL 
> emphasizes performance.)  Ideally, I wanted to add other features of PgJDBC 
> (e.g. targetServerType=preferSlave), but I thought this is the limit not to 
> endanger the quality of the final release.

I've already stated my position on this, which is that:

* target_session_attrs=read-only is a perfectly good new feature, but
we're past feature freeze, so it's material for v11.

* I'm not opposed to adding a GUC_REPORT GUC of some kind, but I see
no urgency about that either.  The feature works fine as it is.  The
fact that it could possibly be made to work more efficiently is not a
critical bug.

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