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> Which brings me to the slightly suspicious bit. On 9.5, there's no
> difference between GROUP and GROUP+LIKE cases - the estimates are exactly
> the same in both cases. This is true too, but only without the foreign key
> between "partsupp" and "part", i.e. the two non-grouped relations in the
> join. And what's more, the difference (1737 vs. 16) is pretty much exactly
> 100x, which is the estimate for the LIKE condition.

I don't follow this.  How does the foreign key between partsupp and
part change the selectivity of LIKE?

> So it kinda seems 9.5 does not apply this condition for semi-joins, while
>>=9.6 does that.

If 9.5 and prior are ignoring some of the quals, that's bad, but I
don't think I understand from your analysis why
7fa93eec4e0c9c3e801e3c51aa4bae3a38aaa218 regressed anything.

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