Erik Rijkers wrote:

> I wouldn't say that problems (re)appeared at a certain point; my impression
> is rather that logical replication has become better and better.  But I kept
> getting the odd failure, without a clear cause, but always (eventually)
> repeatable on other machines.  I did the 1-minute pgbench-derail version
> exactly because of the earlier problems with snapbuild: I wanted a test that
> does a lot of starting and stopping of publication and subscription.

I think it is pretty unlikely that the logical replication plumbing is
the buggy place.  You're just seeing it now becaues we didn't have any
mechanism as convenient to consume logical decoding output.  In other
words, I strongly suspect that the hyphothetical bugs are in the logical
decoding side (and snapbuild sounds the most promising candidate) rather
than logical replication per se.

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