I wrote:
>> I propose that it'd be a good idea to try to set the stats socket's
>> receive buffer size to be a minimum of, say, 100K on all platforms.
>> Code for this would be analogous to what we already have in pqcomm.c
>> (circa line 760) for forcing up the send buffer size, but SO_RCVBUF
>> not SO_SNDBUF.

> I propose committing this (less the debug logging part) to HEAD
> once the beta is out, and then back-patching if it doesn't break
> anything and seems to improve matters on frogmouth.

That went in in 8b0b6303e.  frogmouth had failed in 5 of the 23 HEAD runs
it made between 4e37b3e15 and 8b0b6303e.  Since then, it has shown zero
failures in 50 runs.  I don't know what confidence a statistician would
assign to the proposition that 8b0b6303e improved things, but this is good
enough for me.  I'm going to go back-patch it.

                        regards, tom lane

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