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> Hi all
> More and more I'm finding it useful to extend PostgresNode for project
> specific helper classes. But PostgresNode::get_new_node is a factory
> that doesn't provide any mechanism for overriding, so you have to
> create a PostgresNode then re-bless it as your desired subclass. Ugly.
> The attached patch allows an optional second argument, a class name,
> to be passed to PostgresNode::get_new_node . It's instantiated instead
> of PostgresNode if supplied. Its 'new' constructor must take the same
> arguments.

Note that you can achieve the same effect w/o patching
PostgresNode.pm, albeit in a somewhat ugly manner, by re-blessing the
returned object.

sub get_new_mywhatever_node {
        my $self = PostgresNode::get_new_node($name);
        $self = bless $self, 'MyWhateverNode';
        return $self;

so this would be cosmetically nice, but far from functionally vital.

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