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> scott.marlowe wrote:
> > On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Dann Corbit wrote:
>  > [Dann Corbit wrote a lot]
>  > [...]
> > It may be reassuring to think your product is very well 
> tested before 
> > it
> > goes out the door, but it's a false security, proven over 
> and over by 
> > commercial products that simply don't work in the field because of 
> > problems that the original designers never envisioned, and 
> now that they 
> > have a thorough and long drawn out testing cycle, it simply 
> takes longer 
> > and longer to get fixes, while providing little, if any, 
> improvement in 
> > quality.
> Scott, it's worse.
> It's been back in the early 90's, when we had WfW-3.11 
> systems with some 
> MS-Word dinosaur, and we just lost 14 days of work because it simply 
> crashed on loading the document. The Microsoft support solution was 
> something that lost all the formatting, indexing and cross 
> references of 
> a structured 250 page concept. I don't remember the exact 
> procedure as 
> my brain cells did overcharge, but the dummy on the hotline really 
> believed that their thoroughly tested software wasn't the problem and 
> that the error lies within our document. That that was a 
> file, written 
> by their thoroughly tested software was a point she really 
> didn't catch.
> This dumb hotline girl is the type of people, Dann Corbit's test 
> strategy will reassure. Plus maybe a few (unfortunately important but 
> otherwise useless) managers. Other than that, it'll not make 
> the life of 
> the average DBA any better. Big amounts of useless tests just give 
> otherwise clueless people the false impression, the error must be 
> somewhere else. MySQL's crash-me is a perfect example for that.

Do you really believe that such disasters were the result of careful
testing before release?

Everyone who thinks a careful test plan and implementation is a bad idea
is very, very wrong.


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