On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Dann Corbit wrote:

> The resistance to testing is typical of programmers.  The PostgreSQL
> group is a group of programmers.  I don't think I can change anyone's
> mind, since the most significant people on the list don't think it is
> worth the bother.
> Therefore, I am going to stop harping on it.

*rofl* I believe several of us have suggested that we would welcome
submissions for improved testing ... so, what, we feel that the test that
is done is sufficient, but are willing to accept submissions to improve
it, but you aren't willing to spend the time/effort to do so?

We might be a bunch of 'typical programmers', but you definitely sound
like a typical "I want you to do something to make life easier for me, but
am not willing to expend the time or effort to do anyting about it" ...

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