On 03/06/17 11:10, Petr Jelinek wrote:

On 02/06/17 22:29, Petr Jelinek wrote:
On 02/06/17 08:55, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
On 02/06/17 17:11, Erik Rijkers wrote:

On 2017-06-02 00:46, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
On 31/05/17 21:16, Petr Jelinek wrote:

I'm seeing a new failure with the patch applied - this time the
history table has missing rows. Petr, I'll put back your access :-)
Is this error during 1-minute runs?

I'm asking because I've moved back to longer (1-hour) runs (no errors
so far), and I'd like to keep track of what the most 'vulnerable'
parameters are.

Yeah, still using your test config (with my minor modifications).

When I got the error the 1st time, I did a complete make clean and
rebuild....but it is still possible I've 'done it wrong' - so
independent confirmation would be good!
Well, I've seen this issue as well while I was developing the fix, but
the patch I proposed fixed it for me as well as the original issue.

While I was testing something for different thread I noticed that I
manage transactions incorrectly in this patch. Fixed here, I didn't test
it much yet (it takes a while as you know :) ). Not sure if it's related
to the issue you've seen though.

Ok - I've applied this version, and running tests again. I needed to do a git pull to apply the patch, so getting some other changes too!



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