Hi pgsql-hackers,

Thank you again for all these replies. I have started working under this
and learnt a lot of new stuff last month, so here are some new thoughts
ERRORS handling in COPY. I decided to stick to the same thread, since it
has a neutral subject.

(1) One of my mentors--Alvaro Herrera--suggested me to have a look on the
UPSERT. It may be a good point to be able to achieve the same functionality
as during the ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING, when COPY actually inserts tuples
and errors handling is turned on. It could additionally reduce number of
subtransactions and reduce XIDs consumption, while still ignoring some
errors like unique index violation.

Adding a full support of ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING/UPDATE to COPY seems
to be a large separated task and is out of the current project scope, but
maybe there is
a relatively simple way to somehow perform internally tuples insert with
ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING? I have added Peter Geoghegan to cc, as
I understand he is the major contributor of UPSERT in PostgreSQL. It would
be great
if he will answer this question.

(2) Otherwise, I am still going to use subtransactions via
and PG_TRY / PG_CATCH with
ReleaseCurrentSubTransaction / RollbackAndReleaseCurrentSubTransaction.
To minimize XIDs consumption I will try to insert tuples in batches and
them as much as possible (as was suggested in the thread before).


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