Robert Haas <> wrote on 06/07/2017 12:12:02 PM:

> > OK -- would love the feedback and any suggestions on how to mitigate 
the low
> > end problems.
> Did you intend to attach a patch?
Yes I do -- tomorrow or Thursday -- needs a little cleaning up ...

> > Sokolov Yura has a patch which, to me, looks good for pgbench rw
> > performance.  Does not do so well with hammerdb (about the same as 
base) on
> > single socket and two socket.
> Any idea why?  I think we will have to understand *why* certain things
> help in some situations and not others, not just *that* they do, in
> order to come up with a good solution to this problem.
Looking at the data now -- LWLockAquire philosophy is different -- at 
first glance I would have guessed "about the same" as the base, but I can 
not yet explain why we have super pgbench rw performance and "the same" 
hammerdb performance. 

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