On 07/06/17 22:49, Erik Rijkers wrote:
> I am not sure whether what I found here amounts to a bug, I might be
> doing something dumb.
> During the last few months I did tests by running pgbench over logical
> replication.  Earlier emails have details.
> The basic form of that now works well (and the fix has been comitted)
> but as I looked over my testing program I noticed one change I made to
> it, already many weeks ago:
> In the cleanup during startup (pre-flight check you might say) and also
> before the end, instead of
>   echo "delete from pg_subscription;" | psql -qXp $port2     -- (1)
> I changed that (as I say, many weeks ago) to:
>   echo "delete from pg_subscription;
>         delete from pg_subscription_rel;
>         delete from pg_replication_origin; " | psql -qXp $port2   -- (2)
> This occurs (2x) inside the bash function clean_pubsub(), in main test
> script pgbench_detail2.sh
> This change was an effort to ensure to arrive at a 'clean' start (and
> end-) state which would always be the same.
> All my more recent testing (and that of Mark, I have to assume) was thus
> done with (2).
> Now, looking at the script again I am thinking that it would be
> reasonable to expect that after issuing
>    delete from pg_subscription;
> the other 2 tables are /also/ cleaned, automatically, as a consequence. 
> (Is this reasonable? this is really the main question of this email).

Hmm, they are not cleaned automatically, deleting from system catalogs
manually like this never propagates to related tables, we don't use FKs

> So I removed the latter two delete statements again, and ran the tests
> again with the form in  (1)
> I have established that (after a number of successful cycles) the test
> stops succeeding with in the replica log repetitions of:
> 2017-06-07 22:10:29.057 CEST [2421] LOG:  logical replication apply
> worker for subscription "sub1" has started
> 2017-06-07 22:10:29.057 CEST [2421] ERROR:  could not find free
> replication state slot for replication origin with OID 11
> 2017-06-07 22:10:29.057 CEST [2421] HINT:  Increase
> max_replication_slots and try again.
> 2017-06-07 22:10:29.058 CEST [2061] LOG:  worker process: logical
> replication worker for subscription 29235 (PID 2421) exited with exit
> code 1
> when I manually 'clean up' by doing:
>    delete from pg_replication_origin;

Yeah because you consumed all the origins (I am still not huge fan of
how that limit works, but that's separate discussion).

> then, and only then, does the session finish and succeed ('replica ok').
> So to me it looks as if there is an omission of
> pg_replication_origin-cleanup when pg_description is deleted.

There is no omission, origin is not supposed to be deleted automatically
unless you use DROP SUBSCRIPTION.

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