I am not sure whether what I found here amounts to a bug, I might be doing something dumb.

During the last few months I did tests by running pgbench over logical replication. Earlier emails have details.

The basic form of that now works well (and the fix has been comitted) but as I looked over my testing program I noticed one change I made to it, already many weeks ago:

In the cleanup during startup (pre-flight check you might say) and also before the end, instead of

  echo "delete from pg_subscription;" | psql -qXp $port2     -- (1)

I changed that (as I say, many weeks ago) to:

  echo "delete from pg_subscription;
        delete from pg_subscription_rel;
        delete from pg_replication_origin; " | psql -qXp $port2   -- (2)

This occurs (2x) inside the bash function clean_pubsub(), in main test script pgbench_detail2.sh

This change was an effort to ensure to arrive at a 'clean' start (and end-) state which would always be the same.

All my more recent testing (and that of Mark, I have to assume) was thus done with (2).

Now, looking at the script again I am thinking that it would be reasonable to expect that after issuing
   delete from pg_subscription;

the other 2 tables are /also/ cleaned, automatically, as a consequence. (Is this reasonable? this is really the main question of this email).

So I removed the latter two delete statements again, and ran the tests again with the form in (1)

I have established that (after a number of successful cycles) the test stops succeeding with in the replica log repetitions of:

2017-06-07 22:10:29.057 CEST [2421] LOG: logical replication apply worker for subscription "sub1" has started 2017-06-07 22:10:29.057 CEST [2421] ERROR: could not find free replication state slot for replication origin with OID 11 2017-06-07 22:10:29.057 CEST [2421] HINT: Increase max_replication_slots and try again. 2017-06-07 22:10:29.058 CEST [2061] LOG: worker process: logical replication worker for subscription 29235 (PID 2421) exited with exit code 1

when I manually 'clean up' by doing:
   delete from pg_replication_origin;

then, and only then, does the session finish and succeed ('replica ok').

So to me it looks as if there is an omission of pg_replication_origin-cleanup when pg_description is deleted.

Does that make sense? All this is probably vague and I am only posting in the hope that Petr (or someone else) perhaps immediately understands what goes wrong, with even his limited amount of info.

In the meantime I will try to dig up more detailed info...


Erik Rijkers

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