On 06/08/2017 06:39 PM, David G. Johnston wrote:
These are already failing so I'd agree that explicit rejection isn't
necessary - the question seems restricted to usability.  Though I suppose
we need to consider whether there is any problem with the current setup if
indeed our intended separator is also an allowable character - i.e., do we
want to future-proof the syntax by requiring quotes now?

Hmm, there is one problem with our current use of comma as a separator: you cannot use a Unix-domain socket directory that has a comma in the name, because it's interpreted as multiple hostnames. E.g. this doesn't work:

psql "host=/tmp/dir,with,commas"

For hostnames, ports, and network addresses (hostaddr), a comma is not a problem, as it's not a valid character in any of those.

I don't know if that was considered when this patch was developed. I couldn't find a mention of this in the archives. But in any case, that's quite orthogonal to the rest of this thread.

- Heikki

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