>>> * the comments get formatted differently for -ts4 than -ts8

Still haven't put any thought into it, so I still don't know what to do

>>> * extra spacing getting inserted for fairly long labels

I think the fix is as easy as not producing the space. I committed that.

>>> * some enum declarations get the phony extra indentation
>>> * surplus indentation for SH_ELEMENT_TYPE * data;

I think this is now fixed.

>>> * comments on the same line are now run together
Indent has worked like for a long time; current pg_bsd_indent does that
as well. It was now uncovered by my removing this line from pgindent:

        # Add tab before comments with no whitespace before them (on a tab stop)
        $source =~ s!(\S)(/\*.*\*/)$!$1\t$2!gm;

> There's also the portability issues: __FBSDID() and bcopy() and
> <sys/cdefs.h> [and err.h].

I think that's fixed as well.

I've never been too excited to improve indent and it's increasingly
challenging for me to force myself to work on it now, after I've
invested so much of my spare time into it. So please bear with me if
there are any errors.

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