Tom Lane wrote:

> Bearing in mind that I'm not really for this at all...

It's a band-aid, but certainly there are cases
where a DBA confronted to a badly written website
would just want to be able to:
  ALTER USER webuser SET allow_multiple_queries TO off;

> But if an attacker is able to inject a SET command,
> he's already found a way around it.  So there's no real
> point in locking down the GUC to prevent that.

I can think of the following case, where given the SQL-injectable
   select id from users where email='$email';
an attacker would submit this string in $email:
  foo' AND set_config('allow_multiple_queries', 'on', false)='on
which opens the rest of the session for a second injection, this
time in the form of several colon-separated commands that
would do the actual damage.

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