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My 0.02€:

I attach a patch that incorporate the comments and uses similar routines
with the rest of the file rather than using command tag

I'm not fully convinced by this feature: using multiple queries is a useful trick to reduce network-related latency by combining several queries in one packet. Devs and even ORMs could use this trick.

Now I do also understand the point of trying to shield against some types of SQL injection at the database level, because the other levels have shown weaknesses in the past...

However the protection offered here is quite partial: it really helps if say a SELECT operation is turned into something else which modifies the database. Many SQL injection attacks focus on retrieving sensitive data, in which case "' UNION SELECT ... --" would still work nicely. Should we allow to forbid UNION? And/or disallow comments as well, which are unlikely to be used from app code, and would make this harder? If pg is to provide SQL injection guards by removing some features on some connections, maybe it could be more complete about it.

About the documentation:

 +        When this parameter is on, the <productname>PostgreSQL</> server
 +        allow


 +        multiple SQL commands without being a transaction block in the
 +        given string in simple query protocol.

This sentence is not very clear.

I'm unsure about this "transaction block" exception, because (1) the name of the setting becomes misleading, it should really be: "allow_multiple_queries_outside_transaction_block", and maybe it should also say that it is only for the simple protocol (if it is the case), (2) there may be SQL injections in a transaction block anyway and they are not prevented nor preventable (3) if I'm combining queries for latency optimization, it does not mean that I do want a single transaction block anyway in the packet, so it does not help me all the way there.

 +        setting


+ this parameter off is use for  providing an

One useless space between "for" & "providing".

Maybe be more direct "... off provides ...". Otherwise "is used for"

+       additional defense against SQL-injection attacks.

I would add something about the feature cost: ", at the price of rejecting combined queries."

+       The server may be configure to disallow multiple sql


+ commands without being a transaction block to add an extra defense against SQL-injection + attacks

some type of SQL injections attacks?

+ so it is always a good practice to add + <command>BEGIN</command>/<command>COMMIT
+       </command> commands for multiple sql commands

I do not really agree that it is an advisable "good practice" to do that...

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